Who is it for?

The Net Zero Game 2050™ provides an exciting gamification and demystification of the green transition towards a carbon-neutral economy based on real business mechanisms and actual events.

The Game can be used by different types of impact creators:


The Net Zero Game 2050™ can be used by educators as a supplement to textbooks, to illustrate many relevant concepts from science, technology, geography, social science and business. It also demonstrates the importance of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) for the progress, value creation and future well-being of our planet.


Corporations can use The Net Zero Game 2050™ for training, team building and on-boarding of new employees. The Game can be used to illustrate new company-led Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, and regulatory and political initiatives and their impact. It can also be used to make the content of annual reports and sustainability reporting more vivid and memorable.

Other Organisations

Not-for-profit organisations such as NGOs, industry associations and clusters, political parties, cities and municipalities may use The Net Zero Game 2050™ to illustrate and communicate complex issues that are often hidden in lengthy reports aimed at a relative narrow group of readers. In addition, it builds business literacy within a non-business oriented segment.

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