Net Zero Game 2050™ Compact (Edition 3.0) – Single Unit



3-4 player game with 6 Game Modes with different objectives, winning criteria and strategies:

    • Short-term Value Creation
    • Portfolio Decarbonisation
    • Long-term Value Creation
    • Net Zero Economy before 2050
    • Creating Circular Value Chains
    • Four Secret Missions

Play-time: 20-90 minutes (depending on Game Mode)

Age: 14+

Language: English (UK)

Edition: 3.0

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What is in the box

1 ✖ Game Board

1 ✖ Rule Book (48 illustrated pages with examples)

26 ✖ Carbon Event Cards

4 ✖ Business Leader Cards

12 ✖ Team Cards

18 ✖ Company Cards

30 ✖ Carbon Cardboard Tokens

80 ✖ Money Cardboard Tokens

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Additional information

Weight 0,6 kg
Dimensions 16,5 × 16,5 × 4 cm

Cardboard (FSC) and paper (FSC).


Made in Europe